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hello. my question is: do any of the ubuntu developers have plans to integrate OS X style dock and window management into ubuntu? C0MMACK: Do you have an Ubuntu support question? C0MMACK, do you mean gnome-panel? varunendra: yes. the big app icon on the top right, and dock/window management C0MMACK, I think what you are looking for is Unity/Unity2D I know what unity is. I'm trying to figure out if there is any plans to add a dock, and, if so, if they would add features similar to those found in OS X. C0MMACK, I think you mean unity yeah I think that's what I'm looking for. I'm using gnome-shell now. I didn't know gnome 3 would replace gnome 2 though. thanks for the info, Jordan_U oh man. this whole "remove system files from the iso" got confusing. C0MMACK, the next version of Ubuntu, which will be released in 12.10, won't be compatible with gnome 3. Instead it will be based on Unity interface and have a similar look and feel. so if I burn the latest ubuntu iso, it'll be using unity? varunendra: ah ok C0MMACK, no, it won't be using Unity, but I don't think you can even download it from Ubuntu website. It is still in development and we don't have a release schedule yet. ok, I'll just stick with gnome 2 varunendra: is there a way to make a temporary installation of 12.10? C0MMACK, I don't think so. The ISO contains the whole system installation, you can't just install the desktop environment on top of it. I know.



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